Zrno Bio Bistro Zagreb

Image by Pasko Nokaj

Zrno Bio Bistro – Organic farm-to-table restaurant

When I lived in the city centre, I walked past Zrno Bio Bistro on a daily basis. The owners describe it as “Croatia’s first certified 100% organic vegan restaurant”. They offer organic ingredients delivered daily from an organic farm. Depending on the mood I was in, I’d get torn between this sounding truly amazing and incredibly pretentious. 

Until I actually visited Zrno Bio Bistro for the first time with my family. I came in feeling cranky and after having looked at the menu, my first thought was: “How can they justify the prices being so high?” My second, lingering thought was: “Our kids are being horrible brats, I can’t deal with this. Maybe I could leave them here to find a new family?”

Before we even ordered our drinks, a friendly, smiling waitress brought some pencils and picture books for our kids and some water for the dog. I sighed with relief and could literally feel my body relaxing as the kids stopped bickering and the dog curled up to sleep under the table.

We ordered four different plates of food and boy, was the food good! Original and healthy and most importantly, really really tasty. The scale definitely and easily tipped to the “amazing” side of things. Since then, I’ve eaten at Zrno Bio Bistro lots of times and the quality of food and service has  stayed consistently good. To enjoy and appreciate it properly, I just make sure to bring my friends, and not the kids, with me.

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Details about this spot



Medulićeva ulica 20, Zagreb

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 12:00 - 21:30


Mega Protein: Kn 75


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