Jérémie Gerhardt (1977)

About me
I’m a color scientist, I’m French and was born in Paris. My studies and my work are my best travel agencies. I left the city of love in 2002, went by Montréal, Oslo and safely landed in Berlin in July 2008 one day before starting my first job in that city. And to repeat the story I started a new job in the summer of 2015 at the EyeEm startup.

I don’t like to feel lost in a city, therefore the tv tower in the city center of Berlin was of great help in the first months. And since I used my bike intensively, my relationship with the city changed, you don’t know all the street names but you know where to turn left or right when going somewhere. It’s a great feeling to know the place.

Why Berlin?
It’s big, it’s wild. I love to feel the city breathing, observing where the people go depending on the time of day or night. There is always something new to explore, to see and to hear while crossing the city by bike.

Compared to other European capitals Berlin isn’t typically beautiful, but there is a rhythm and an atmosphere that suits me very well.

One thing which surprised me during my first days in Berlin was seeing so many cafés stating “we serve breakfast all day long”, as opposed to my memories of Paris where after 10:00 breakfast time is over.

Where can you find me online?
Personal blog ‘MrBonsoir à l’internet’ (French/English)

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