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With food blogging culture being at its peak today one has a lot of options for getting information about which spots to visit for local cuisine in a new city. And with as many sources as available on food blogs on the Internet it becomes harder to figure out which ones to follow in order not to disappoint your stomach.

So what is it exactly about Culinary Backstreets that we at Spotted by Locals love that much?

Well, first of all let me introduce those of you who do not have the slightest idea about Culinary Backstreets to this awesome blog. Founded in 2009, the blog adopted the main concept of exploring and gaining deep insights in the traditional urban culinary scene. Alongside its weekly published restaurant reviews it has culinary walking tours, web and smartphone applications, books and eatineraries. Now, already having dispatches in 9 cities the blog is constantly attracting new audience by diving them into the local food scenes of cities around the world. Below you can find some of the reasons why Spotted by Locals is  fond of what Culinary Backstreets is doing.

1. People matter

Culinary Backstreets puts the workers who stand behind all the delicious food in the center. Because let’s be honest; how many times have you felt thankful or appreciated the big efforts the cook had put into making your meal? The answer is probably going to be – not enough…

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Culinary Backstreets realizes that too well and does every possible thing to give the heroes in the kitchen more recognition. Since those people’s jobs are usually taken for granted, it tries to stress the fact that without those very people the scene wouldn’t be existent. Hence, be it a family owned business or a restaurant where plenty of cooks and waiters are working, Culinary Backstreets does not see an attribute more important in this scene than the people themselves.

2. All food are special

When writing reviews about local restaurants Culinary Backstreets highlights the fact that they appreciate all the food and do not follow the trend of writing only about the “best” of those food spots. As they mention themselves, “it’s never just about the best meatball in town; it’s always about all of the meatballs”.

Hence, they look further than the “best” spot for a particular food in the city and give appreciation to all kinds of food made by the locals and all the efforts put in those food. This is an ideology, that we at Spotted by Locals can highly identify with since we know that it is not always the “best restaurants” that locals share their love for and usually look beyond the taste of food when forming an opinion about a place.

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3. Not only 9 cities

Now, I already mentioned that Culinary Backstreets has 9 city guides but that does not mean at all that they are limited only to those cities. There is an option of “elsewhere” on the blog, which will take you to all those cities that have such a great culinary culture that the blog could not help writing about. Thus, in addition to portraying the culinary scene of 9 cities in a very detailed way the Culinary Backstreets takes you on a world tour and introduces you to traditions of different culture by showing their eating customs and habits.

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There is, of course, much more that the blog is offering and should you be wondering about the tastes of world cuisine, Culinary Backstreets can serve as your best guide to the diverse flavors that different countries offer.

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