7 Lebowski Bars Around the World

Lebowskis, Edinburgh (by Stu Anderson)

Lebowskis, Edinburgh (by Stu Anderson)

Originally the movie The Big Lebowski was a box office disappointment. Since then though, it’s become a cult classic, famous for its quotes, the White Russians and the soundtrack. Believe it or not, since 2002 there’s even a Big Lebowski Festival in the US (they also came to London and Edinburgh, according to one of our commenters) with unlimited bowling, costume/trivia contests, band and parties. Jeff Bridges has even visited once. The London equivalent is called ‘the Dude Abides’.

The cult classic and its signature White Russian have crossed over into bars. Try out a White Russian at a Lebowski near you, because we’re pretty sure the bars are popping up everywhere!

In Berlin Germany, there’s Kneipe Lebowski

Lebowksi bar Dresden (by Daikrieg)

Lebowksi bar Dresden (by Daikrieg)

In Dresden Germany, there’s Lebowski bar Dresden.

In Edinburgh Scotland, there’s Lebowskis (our local Stu wrote about it)

Scotland must be really crazy about the dude, because there’s also a Lebowskis Glasgow!

In Prague, there’s Big Lebowski Praha

Lebowski bar Iceland (by asw909)

Lebowski bar Iceland (by asw909)

In Belgrade (thanks Viktor!) there’s the Lebowski bar

And in Iceland, there’s Lebowski bar Reykjavik. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll appreciate the picture above (“That rug really tied the room together man”)

Do you know any other Lebowski bars around the world? Let us know!

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