12 of Europe’s most special spas and saunas

Broadway Fitness, Budapest (by Tamás Tossenberger)

Broadway Fitness, Budapest (by Tamás Tossenberger)

Our Spotters do enjoy a good treat to recharge their batteries – and pay a visit to the spa or sauna in their neighborhood. The wellness places our spotters found come in a variety of shapes, from a swimming cabin on a river in Prague to an open air hot whirlpool along the shore of Lake Zurich to antique spas in Budapest.

We made a selection of our Spotters’ most favorite wellness spots:

1. Liquidrom – Berlin

Liquidrom, Berlin (by Sarah Curth)

Liquidrom, Berlin (by Liquidrom)

Liquidrom offers you the best combo you can imagine. Lying on a very comfy lounger while you have a wonderful view in the courtyard. Ah, and a very soft blanket (Of course!)

2. Le Riad – Brussels

Le Riad, Brussels (by Renata Riva)

Le Riad, Brussels (by Renata Riva)

There is no better pleasure than feeling your skin, muscles and your whole body getting softer and softer after 2 hours in Le Riad.

3. Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre – Bratislava

Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre, Bratislava (by Eva Lelkesova)

Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre, Bratslava (by Eva Lelkesova)

“Once you enter Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre, you can enjoy five kinds of saunas (aromatic herbs, salty, Turkish, Finnish and infra), a swimming pool with colder water, a whirlpool and a relax room “

4. Veli Bej – Budapest

Veli Bej, Budapest (by Tamás Tossenberger)

Veli Bej (by Tamás Tossenberger)

Veli Bej  is a sheer Ottoman build from the 16th century. Now a days has become, probably, into the most modern spa in town!. So take your time relaxing in the ritzy flat-surface pool of curative water.

5. Dandár fürdő – Budapest

Dandár fürdő, Budapest (by Hélène Bienvenu)

Dandár fürdő (by Hélène Bienvenu)

Our Local Budapest Spotter Hélène Bienvenu recommends you to visit this authentic spa. Dandár fürdő  is a real spa experience with a very local taste!

6. Kaifu Bad – Hamburg

Kaifu Bad, Hamburg (by Daniela Bott)

Kaifu Bad (by Daniela Bott)

Kaifu Bad is located in the middle of Hamburg. That´s why attract young and old alike. Spending a while in any of its saunas is a very good way to fight cold winter days.

7. Kotiharju Sauna – Helsinki

Kotiharju Sauna, Helsinki (by Tomi Lehto)

Kotiharju Sauna, Helsinki (by Mirjam Nissinen)

Mirjam Nissinen writes: “The Kotiharju Sauna is the only one heated with wood. Many say that is the only way to do it and I must say I agree”

8. QC Terme Milano – Milan

QC Terme Milano, Milan (by Katharina Ziche)

QC Terme Milano, Milan (by Katharina Ziche)

QC Terme Milano is plenty of spa activities. Saunas, steam baths, a salt room, themed relaxation rooms and a very special ‘health buffet’ room with a good selection of healthy snacks and teas.

9. Lázně na lodi – Prague

Lázně na lodi, Prague (by Štěpán Bärtl)

Lázně na lodi, Prague (by Štěpán Bärtl)

“Getting back out on the deck at the Lázně na lodi Prague there is direct access into the river for some of the more daring individuals to jump into. Alternatively, there is an indoor relaxing zone as well as an ever-changing supply of beers to be bought at the reception.”

10. Sauna Utoquai – Zurich

Sauna Utoquai, Zurich (by Miltiadis Sarakinos)

Sauna Utoquai, Zurich (by Miltiadis Sarakinos)

Sauna Utoquai is our local Miltiadis Sarakinos’ favorite place to be : “Outdoor relaxation can take several forms: sunbathing during a nice sunny afternoon or gazing at the sunset or the moonlight from the comfort of the 37 degrees of the hot tub. [..]”

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