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About me
My name is Denise – I’m easily pleased with a strong coffee in an interesting city with a pen in my hand. I have always been a writer and feel the need to explore, investigate, ask questions and meet new people wherever I go. As well as travel writing, I have contributed to local, national and global publications on the subjects of culture, music, literature and lifestyle. These include Boots n’ All, Virtual Festivals, Angry Ape, Le Cool, Silent Radio, xojane, Manchester Evening News’ City Life, High Voltage, Itchy Guides and Simonseeks.

I have been lucky enough to visit many countries including Japan, Russia, China, Italy, South Korea, France, Holland, the US, Hungary, Belgium, Estonia, Turkey, Argentina and Chile. South-East Asia has my heart, but closer to home one of my favourite hideaways is Brussels. I haven’t yet been to Iceland, Africa, Cuba or the Northernmost countries of South America, but not to worry – I’m working on it.

I’ve learned from my travels that it is the people, not the landscape, that makes a place and so I believe in the importance of connecting with people – I’m proud to be part of the Spotted by Locals team and to share Manchester’s secrets with some like-minded folks. See you on the road!

Why Manchester?
Hello and welcome to all of you travellers passing through my adopted city. I was originally brought up in nearby Liverpool and came to Manchester in 2003 as a fresh-faced student to stay for three years and study English. However, twelve years later and I’m still here – I love this city for many reasons and I think you will too.

I live alongside people of so many nationalities and cultures, there is something happening here every day and night, whether that be a gig, innovative theatre, street performance, community event, food festival or secret warehouse party.

Even wandering aimlessly through Manchester is a great way to spend some time out, meandering through old cobbled streets or new landscaped walkways. Old buildings bristle with experience and the history of industries long gone, while new glass and steel high-rises catch the sun and house Manchester’s modern-day offices and organisations.

When things get hectic, coffee houses and urban parks allow for some people-watching and wiling away the time absorbing the surrounds. As for the million-dollar question – “Does it really always rain in Manchester?” well, there’s only one way to find out.

Where can you find me online?
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