Vimto Monument Manchester

Image by Denise Tench

Vimto Monument – Pay homage to an iconic drink

Despite being dangerously close to being spelled ‘vomit’, Vimto is a much-loved Manchester-born soft drink that has taken on a new life as a flavouring.

As well as buying Vimto cordial, still Vimto and fizzy Vimto in a can, you can now buy Vimto bon bons, Vimto lolly ices and even a cheeky Vimto cocktail (which doesn’t actually contain Vimto).

The unique soft drink, made up of blackcurrants, raspberries and grapes, was first concocted by John Noel Nichols on Granby Row in the city centre in 1908. An oak monument, carved by environment artist Kerry Morrison, was commissioned to sit on the site in 1992 to pay homage to the bright purple drink.

Beaten by years of Manchester’s wind and rain, the monument was restored in 2011 and is now looking as vibrant as ever.

It’s a convenient way to pass the time between trains, as it’s just a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Station.

The monument sits on a lawn in Manchester University’s science campus, among other interesting sculptures. Don’t miss the nearby statue of Archimedes representing his famous theory of displacement eureka moment.

If you don’t get to see the Vimto monument, at least make sure you sample this famous purple tipple during your stay in Manchester.

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