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About me
Hey there, my name is Daphne and most of the time I’m a happy and an energetic person, always open to new experiences! I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from nerdy stuff (I studied Artificial Intelligence) to food (both to cook and eat), going out for drinks, enjoying nature or visiting museums. My biggest hobby is probably reading, I can spend hours talking about books and I love to give and receive recommendations for the best reads. 🙂

Why Antwerp ?
For me Antwerp is a perfect-sized city: big enough to keep exploring new places every day, and small enough to easily get around by bike and feel the homey and comfortable vibe. In Antwerp, you’ll find many cute restaurants and cafes and but I also love it for the cultural experience it offers: bars with live music every night, great art galleries, museums and cool events throughout the year.

Where can you find me online?

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