Ariston Athens

Image by Sofia Skioti

Ariston – Homemade pies!

Ariston is one of the oldest places in Athens selling traditional Greek pies.You can tell from its decoration, which I believe has stayed the same since its founding.

Greek pies are a very big chapter of the Greek cuisine and they are essentially a traditional snack: a piece of pie can be easily carried, easily preserved outside the fridge and yet it’s a complete meal. That’s why it was and still is very popular, let alone the different variations you can find. A piece of pie is ideal for breakfast but also great for a lunch that will keep you going.

Ariston is famous amongst old Athenians as the shop with the best cheese pie in Athens. More specifically, for a type of cheese pie named “Kourou” out of the dough it is made with. A typical memory from my childhood is  ending our Saturday morning walk downtown with a cheese pie from Ariston.

Today, Ariston pies have the same quality as they did in the old days. In Ariston you will find not only cheese pies, but a great variety of many different pies, with very good fyllo dough. Because the success of the pie relies a lot on its fyllo dough: its crispiness, taste, thickness (the slimmer the better). It’s a whole pie science out there! And some of it you can find in Ariston! Don’t be intimidated by the small crowd you might find in peak hours (lunch time). It’s really worth it!

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Details about this spot



Voulis 10, Athens

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:00 - 21:00


Piece of pie: € 2.50
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