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Antonis Tsapepas (1974)

About me
I was born in Athens, a few metres from the Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos, as were my father and my grandfather. Therefore, I consider myself a native of this unique city. Perhaps these images of the ancient monuments from my childhood made me want to become an archaeologist. I was able to do this by earning a degree in archaeology from the University of Athens, even though I never worked in the field.
So over time, archaeology and my love for Athens turned into a constant quest to uncover its secrets, neighbourhoods, buildings, streets, aromas, tastes, and hidden treasures. At the same time, I made many trips throughout Greece and Europe, and despite the unforgettable places I saw, none of them made me forget Athens. In 2019, I decided to make my own site, named Food and Travel ( in order to share my travel experiences and also to introduce as many people as I could to my city through my own eyes.

Why Athens?
The city of Athens has a distinctive personality. It has an important history and significant global landmarks. It can both make you love it and let you down. It is a dynamic, throbbing live organism that is always evolving. Within a few hundred metres, it can be contemporary, conventional, picturesque, or alternative. Despite the fact that I have lived here my entire life, this city never ceases to surprise me. There are still parts of it that I have yet to explore and gastronomic delights to discover.

Where can you find me online?

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