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Sofia Skioti (1983)

About me
I was born and raised in Paleo Faliro, one of the southern suburbs of Athens. I love Paleo Faliro because it lies on the seaside and the sea is one of my big loves in this life. I spent my early school years in the very center of Athens, Plaka and I think that is when I started to love Athens.

After graduating from the university, during which I travelled a lot around Europe, I left for Lisbon where I stayed for two months and then returned to Athens. I still could not settle and I moved to the Netherlands for my postgraduate studies where I stayed almost 2 years.

I came back a year ago and moved to one of my favorite places in the center of Athens – Thiseio. Living in the center is a must for me because it just makes your life easier: everything is around your neighborhood or within walking distance. Some of the things I like to do other than exploring the city and enjoying the city life are sailing, free camping during the summer and traveling abroad.

Why do I love Athens?

  • Because you can always find something that you did not know before: a bar, a walk, a shop an activity that you just did not know it existed.
  • Because of the wonderful weather
  • Because of its diversity: mountains, hills, seaside, urban center
  • Because you always have this glimpse of ancient history
  • Because of its summer nights
  • Because it is becoming more and more bicycle friendly- still there is a long way to go.

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