Avyssinias Square Athens

Image by Sofia Skioti

Avyssinias Square – Enter the time machine

Right between the crowded Ifaistou and Ermou str in Monastiraki, lies the small square of Avyssinias.

Not eye catching at first, Avyssinias sq. is the place where antique shops are gathered. If you think Louis XVI, think again. The antiques (or maybe it’s better to say retro) that are found here, always remind me of things I would find as a kid at the houses of different aunts and grandmas. Furniture, silverware, china but also DVDs, old cameras and many other things lie outside on the square. For retro lovers, Avyssinias is the place to be.

When I have enough time, I go to Avyssinias for some hardcore “digging” and I end up with my little treasure. When the time is limited, I pass by Avyssinias just for a glimpse of the past. The prices vary, but one can definitely get a bargain. Just do not surrender at once!

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Avyssinias square, Athens

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09:00 - 15:00 daily
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