Petit Gallery of Handmade Athens

Image by Smaro Botsa

Petit Gallery of Handmade – Handmade jewelleries

{flu:k} Petit Gallery of Handmade – welcome to Smaro’s magical world in Athens!

The first time I met Smaro was 8 years ago when we were running a web radio station. From the very first moment, we became friends because, of our common taste in life and music.

Smaro is a multi-talented girl. Among her other talents, she creates super beautiful and cool handmade jewellery. For the past 6-7 years, almost all of my jewellery has been made by her and a lot of gifts I have given were also from {flu:k}!

In September 2018, Smaro opened a small store on Ippokratous str, high up in Exarcheia area. There you can find her beautiful “HandMade ArtBits”! One of her signature items is her handmade sleeves, each one unique you can be sure they will boost your style!

I also love her handmade tote bags and also her handprint bracelets! Among her personal heroes are Frida Kahlo, PJ Harvey, David Bowie and Nick Cave and you can find them too, on her accessories. She also loves birds and deer. Imagine wearing a necklace with Nick Cave on it or a cute little sparrow!

A dreamy pop world made by a punk girl!

PS: For your visit, check the opening hours below, but also check the FB page, as sometimes these hours can change a little bit —  she runs a one-woman-show business, after all.

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Ippokratous 155, Athens

Opening Times

Tue & Thu - Fri 12:30 - 20:00, Wed & Sat 11:30 - 16:00

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