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Louis – Jazz in Kerameiko

First time I visited “Λούη” (Louis) I literally fell in love with it! I actually remember the details of that night. It was a Tuesday and we wanted to go out for a beer but every place we went to was full. So a friend of mine pops the suggestion: “Hey, I ‘ve seen this place in Kerameikos. It really looks nice, do you want to go?” We all said yes, so there we were!

It was actually quite full too, but we found a table in the back (actually the one pictured in the photo) and enjoyed our evening to the fullest! Not only because “Louis” is such a beautiful coffee – beer place (I am sure that the decoration has been picked out with a lot of care… very simple but yet very unique) but also because we were lucky enough to have by chance picked out a live-jazz-night at Louis. Side note: You will mostly hear jazz here. All kinds of jazz.

So to make a long story short after that night I could not stop visiting Louis. Situated in the “heart” of Kerameikos it is indeed a place that makes the difference between all the new places opening up in the area. See you there I guess!

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Leonidou 87, Athens

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Opening Times

11:00 - 02:00 daily


Drinks from: € 2.50

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