Off the Chain Athens

Image by Sofia Skioti

Off the Chain – An unchained “after”

Sometimes, on a night out, it happens that you just do not want to go home. Either you are having a lot of fun, or you did not have as much fun as you wanted just yet. It’s late already, most of the places are about to close but you… you want to extend the night. 

Yes, in Athens you can do that. Besides the fact that the whole nightlife thing starts later and, consequently ends later, there are the “after” bars. “Afters”, as we call them, are normal bars that just get crowded later – “later” as in after 03:00. 

Off the Chain is a personal favorite after, located close to Exarcheia Square, hosted in a typical, old Athenian house which is now transformed into a classic rock bar. As dark as it should be for your tired eyes, with music selections of, but not limited to, classic rock, indie, alternative, punk, it’s the place to rest your soul after a long night out.

You will most probably find quite a lot of people you met in other bars throughout the night, as many end up here to finish the night off. Don’t be intimidated by the bouncer at the door, the night is not young at that time and someone should just keep an eye on people. Entrance is free, prices are low, fun is almost guaranteed.

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Details about this spot



Zoodochou Pigis 25, Athens

Opening Times

Wed - Sun from 20:00


Beer: € 4

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