Douaihy Beirut

Image by Viera Obeid

Douaihy – Heavenly Lebanese sweets

Lebanon is famous for its cuisine and one of the things the Middle East is famous for in general, and you should definitely taste, is the sweets. Now, each separate country would claim that its sweets are the best. For me, the winners are, of course, the Lebanese ones. The traditional ingredients for these mouthwatering desserts are nuts and a kind of crispy pastry that cracks in your mouth and make you say this “mmmmmm” whenever you eat it.

You can enjoy your tasting together with a traditional Lebanese coffee, and if you like them you can take some home in an original packaging with different designs of Lebanese touristic destinations.

The bakery was established almost 100 years ago by a Lebanese family in the North. Now owned by the four grandchildren of the founder, they are well settled in the Lebanese market, having 6 shops all over the country, including an outlet at the airport, so in case you miss getting your box, you can still grab one or two at the airport (you can choose a 0.5kg box or more).

Actually this is my obligatory stop when traveling back to Europe, because my family and friends have got used to it and are now expecting me at the airport with: “Where is my baklawa?!”

Apart from the most famous baklawa there are various deserts filled with “asha” which is a typical kind of cream. These should be consumed fresh and stored in the fridge.

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Sassine Square, Beirut

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Mon - Fri 06:00 - 23:00


500g baklawa: LBP 149500


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