Second Base Beirut

Image by Samira Ezzo

Second Base – My go-to thrift shop in Beirut

Ever wondered where to thrift shop some vintage authentic clothing pieces in Beirut, with a chance to benefit a cause? Second Base is your land for that!

With two branches in Beirut, Gemmayzeh and Monot areas, I have visited the Monot one so far as it is the largest in space. This branch is in a neighborhood populated with artisan shops and art galleries, so having such a business in it was the missing piece to complete the puzzle. They’re in a building that dates back to being built in the mid-1900s making it based in an apartment that has colorful floor tiles, high ceiling, and so much space to show several items!

Second Base is a thrift-concept store invented by FabricAID, The items sold, as they explain on their website, are “vintage, hipster, revealing, and extroverted clothing items that are usually undesired by the marginalized communities that FabricAID targets.”

I always wait for two consistent practices of theirs, which are their Instagram stories at 20:00 P.M. because they drop some items that they only sell on Instagram and not on display, and the new pieces they add to their boutiques every Tuesday.

I do recommend you visit this thrift shop for some previously owned high-end pieces and more!

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Second Base, Beirut

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Mon - Sat 11:00 - 20:00


Vintage Chemise: LBP 250000


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