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Maša Seničić (1990)

About me
I am a writer dedicated to various forms of text, as a poet, an essayist, a researcher and an editor. I studied film and this is the field I mainly work in – as the Co-Programmer of the Brave Balkans (Belgrade Auteur Film Festival), as the Program Director of Filmkultura (Association for Education in Audiovisual Culture) and as a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Film and New Media Theory, Memory Studies).

I’ve worked as part of various media outlets and publications, both as an author and an editor-in-chief, while throughout the years I have contributed to local and international projects, workshops, exhibitions, events and festivals. I am currently mostly interested in interdisciplinary text-based poetic experiments; in archives as spaces of exploration and in books as tangible objects.

Why Belgrade?
Even though I wander a lot, mainly around the Mediterranean, Belgrade remains the central point of all my maps. I was born here and I’ve always lived here, in a place where cherished buildings, almost monuments, are being mindlessly sold or demolished along the side of young bold initiatives taking over cinemas and once-factories.

This large, disorderly city is truly in constant movement, crowded and unpredictable, yet welcoming and somewhat graceful.

Where can you find me online?

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