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About me
I’m Natalie, a Berlin-based blogger from California, USA. After studying abroad in Berlin in 2016 I knew there was so much more in the city to discover so I decided to move to Berlin in 2019. I’m a copywriter and editor who works from home, so I try to get out and explore the city as much as possible because of my flexible schedule. On my blog,, I write about my favorite places in Berlin, food, local tips, personal inspiration, and my travels outside of the city. My favorite thing to write about is food! I visit a diverse mix of restaurants but I especially like writing about plant-based spots, budget eats, and brunch eateries.

Why Berlin?
I adore Berlin because it really is a local’s city. Meaning that the most beautiful and intriguing aspects of Berlin and its history tend to lie in its people. First-time visitors might not get blown away by any of the well-known places in Berlin (although I appreciate our museums and monuments too) and that’s because Berlin is a place you really have to hang around in to get to know it. Even after living here for quite a while now, I discover new things about the city literally every time I leave my apartment. It’s really wonderful to be in a place with so much history, so many stories, and so much to do.

Where can you find me online?

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