Balaram Berlin

Image by Rafael Dujarric

Balaram – Vegan ice cream

Had a recent breakup, feeling depressed, or just wishing that weekends lasted longer? Well, usually sweets are the way out when feeling under the weather, but then after the binge you feel even worse because of all the guilt eating you up.

I’ve just found this vegan ice cream place that offers a great range of sorbet and plant-milk-based ice creams as well as shakes. There are around 12 ice cream varieties which change often, with toppings at no extra cost!

“Say goodbye to the occasional ice cream indulgence, and say hello to the constant ice cream treat!”. And as the carbon footprint of vegan ice cream is much lower than that of normal ones, they are more eco-friendly.

In my humble opinion, the ice cream is really nice and didn’t taste at all icy or like sherbet. I always go for the blueberry yogurt, but the peanut craziness is a good mood booster as well.

And also the staff is quite friendly!

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Details about this spot



Gabriel-Max-Straße 17, Berlin

Opening Times

14:00 - 18:00 daily


Big scoop: € 1.50

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