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Image by Davy Verbeke

Bernard Gavilan – Vintage Vossenmarkt

Bernard Gavilan is a Brussels institution. The local pharaoh of style, as is whispered on the streets.

His vintage second hand shops are located in the very pleasant Blaesstraat (famous for its many antique shops) and on the Vossenplein (read the Marollen article). Bernard Gavilan has been around for more than 20 years. What’s on offer? A multitude of retro clothes, shoes and accessories from the noughties to the nineties (1900-1990s), hand-picked by the pharaoh himself. He opened up a pop-up store for kids once too.

Bernard has many years of experience in the world of fashion. As a stylist, he attends many fashion events and organizes a design competition for 2nd hand clothes. Omnipresent in Brussels’ nightlife as well, he’s a DJ, sings and has an electro act. David Bowie’s (RIP) stylist came shopping in his store. As does Belgium’s tremendously popular export product, also well-known for his multicolored outfits: Stromae.

My personal fashion expertise and repertoire is, as the rumor in Brussels also goes, non-existent. Selecting a decent color combination for trousers and a T-shirt always gives me a hard time. I also wear long white sport socks with too short shorts. That’s why I often go to Bernard Gavilan, in hopes of things getting better.

For one, Bernard provides me with my favorite ’70s sports sneakers. Which I always buy in bulk whenever a new shipment has arrived. My next purchase will be a fancy bathrobe (think Hugh Hefner, but then of course with way, way more style).

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