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Zoltán Fejes (1988)

About me
My name is Zoltan (it’s a very old and traditional Hungarian name 😉 ).

I have studied philosophy. Now I work in the marketing business for Hungarian agriculture and study law. In my free time I take photos.

I love contrasts in life – harmony is a bit boring for me. I feel itchy when everything is beautiful and pain when I see kitsch and cliche. But I love personal stories and fantasies and opportunities.

I really love my city. I love to eat fine foods and chat with a glass of beer or wine.

Why Budapest
Budapest is a bit of everything. It is very old and very new, boring and interesting, a lazy and calm, spinning and noisy city on the border of east and west. As I see it, Budapest is an old lady. She won’t talk to you if you are not very nice with her. But if she likes you, you will get everything from her. She has a lot of interesting stories, and she will give you some unforgettable memories if you deserve it.

Budapest has hundreds of faces, but you have to explore them. And naturally Budapest is a silly lady, she won’t be the same next time – she changes (her mind) constantly…

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