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Farah Safwat

About me
I study journalism and I love to read.

I’m always looking for stories in the places and the people around me. Although it’s not easy for me to go around and talk to people, I’ve recently built up the courage to do so, especially since my field of study counts on it. In the end, I am grateful for all this, since that’s how I got the chance to make some really good memories and experience more than I could ever have experienced.

Why Cairo
Cairo is very big and very old, which makes it full of stories. I believe that there’s no neighborhood in Cairo that doesn’t have at least one place worth visiting. There’s a story at every corner, so take the time and let Cairo introduce itself to you.

The food in Cairo is exceptional, and there’s a story behind every dish as well.
Cairo is loud and crowded, it never sleeps, but you can still find calm and peace inside it.

Where else can you find me online?

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