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Image by Farah Safwat

Bayn Al Qasrayn Street – Museums & more

I watched the classic Egyptian film/novel “Bayn Al Qasrayn” when I was a child and ever since then I’d wanted to visit the area in which my favorite movie took place.

The area is a historic one from Fatimid Cairo. Its name “Bayn Al Qasrayn” can be translated to”between the two palaces”, and the two palaces in question are the eastern and the western palaces surrounding the area. But that’s not all there is to it; this area of Al-Moez street is packed with so many historical sites that you can look up I’m not even going to mention them. We can see the building in the area as just old buildings belonging to the Fatimid empire. However, in a more modern approach, we’d be able to see the Beshtak Palace not just as an old palace but also as a palace where one of the greatest Egyptian movies was filmed, highlighting how even some of the oldest monuments in Cairo continue to live through its art. This street (Bayn Al Qasrayn) which was later changed to the name of (Al-Moez) has proved its value as one of Cairo’s most historically rich.

You may not be able to visit Egypt right now, but you can definitely visit Bayn Al Qasrayn, either through watching the movie or reading the book!

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2 Al- moez ldin allah al fatimi , Cairo

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