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Osama Abdelrahman (1988)

About me
I always prefer introducing myself as a good reader, a freelance writer, a designer and worldwide traveler. My favorite hobby is hunting the stories from the streets! But I have some other, normal hobbies, such as cinema, music and meeting new people.

Did I mention that I love reading and traveling already?

Why Cairo
They used to tell us at school that we, as a country, are unique, because we are a multicultural country. Fortunately, this was completely right.

Now, after 15 years living in Cairo, I have become happier with the fact that it has so many Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic monuments in the same city or even sometimes on the same street.

Also, the wide range of local food is very special. The millions who have mostly come from other cities and are living here have developed their local recipes over the years.

What makes Cairo even more amazing is not only the places, but the people, who still have one of the best senses of humor globally and a very friendly attitude.

Where else can you find me online?

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