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Erin Stevens (1985)

About me
For work, I am a custom prosthetics specialist known as an Anaplastologist. Our field focuses on creating highly realistic, life-like prostheses for the face and body as an alternative for patients who cannot (or choose not to) undergo reconstructive surgery. My professional community is very small and I have colleagues all around the world.

Outside of work, my wife and I love to travel as much as possible. We are suckers for good ambiance, a healthy glass of wine. Life is short, we want to enjoy every second.

Why Chicago
I have lived in Chicago over 10 years and I have no plans to leave. I love my city! There is always something new (or old) to discover here. Chicago has a beautiful downtown nestled against Lake Michigan with awesome architecture and exciting businesses dotted along the riverfront. However, my favorite places to go are usually the local hangouts that give each neighborhood their unique personality. I love its many old-school pubs and dive bars, local art galleries and black-box theaters, block parties and street festivals. The “support local” movement is growing stronger and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Where else can you find me online?
Some of my day to day can be seen on my work Instagram: @prosthetics_gm

You can learn more about my professional work from my work website and some of the non-profit organizations for which I serve on the Board of Directors.

Walter Spohn Trust

I also manage a Multi-Day Bike Tour event called the Worthwhile Mile, which supports the WST.

International Anaplastology Association

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