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Sydney Epstein (1992)

About me
I am a Chicago native best defined for my curiosity and willingness to explore. I value uniqueness and quality, which attributes to my appreciation for the city and for the entertainment it provides.

With a close-knit set of friends and family nearby, I am often exploring the areas around me with peers by my side. Whether it’s through travel or leisure activities, I am always looking for the next opportunity to discover my surroundings and enjoy the entertainment and livelihood I find.

Why Chicago?
Having lived in Chicago my entire life, I am a patron to the city’s top restaurants, attractions and entertainment spots. Although I frequent my favorite spots often, there are always unique new places to discover. Living in a city known for entertainment and cuisine has allowed me to feed my hunger to explore and try new things. I cherish my city for the excitement and opportunities it provides me.

With a downtown district steps away from the city’s beachfront, Chicago offers endless activity options throughout the year, keeping the entertainment and excitement alive. Aside from the well-known downtown attractions, my favorite part of Chicago is the uniqueness found within the city’s surrounding neighborhoods – all of which provide a variety of landscape, uniqueness and entertainment to appease any and all types of people.

Where can you find me online?

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