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About me
Hey everyone!
A Big Hello from Moldova!
I have always been passionate about the history and the culture of my country and as a result – I became a tour guide!

They say the best job is the one you love, so if you ever decide to visit Moldova or Chisinau, just let me know. I can be your personal guide.
Meanwhile, read about my favorite spots in Chisinau.

Why Chisinau
Perhaps it would be weird to point that out, but I love Chisinau because I enjoy ruins and old structures. Unfortunately, the deep economic crisis started by the collapse of the Soviet Union led to a big number of abandoned buildings: gorgeous estates from the time of the Russian Empire are now ruined.
Small houses of clay from the Romanian period also symbolize deep poverty, even in the capital. Soviet buildings, so progressive and beautiful by ’70s & ’80s standards are now just grey pieces of concrete, because they were never maintained for the last 30 years.

And this is what I love about Chisinau. The real Chisinau, the authentic one. Its tragedy affects me strongly.

Of course, things are slowly changing. Buildings are being repaired, rebuilt or even removed. But after the renovation, they start to look like every other building in the world.

Is that good? Is that bad? You decide.

Where else can you find me online?

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