Church of Transfiguration Chisinau

Image by Nicolai Chirnev

Church of Transfiguration – Hell in Chisinau

When I have city tours and I show to my guests Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, the main street of Chisinau, I always lead them to the Church of Transfiguration. I definitely know that not everybody believes in God and churches can provoke different feelings, but I want to show them not the religious side, but something very interesting.

In soviet times, this cathedral was transformed into the Planetarium, a research center for analyzing the stars’ position on the sky. With Perestroika, the building was given back to the church authorities and the reconstruction was made within several years.

The church inside looks like any other church in Eastern Europe, but the most unique painting is right above your head when you enter the building. 5 years ago, permission was given to a young artist to illustrate heaven & hell. Nothing wrong about heaven, but the hell scenes look so amazing, so real, as if they were taken from some computer game or scary movie.

The size of the picture is 5 by 7 meters and I still can’t understand how the very conservative orthodox church of Moldova gave permission to the artist to paint such a modern depiction of the Bible.

Not so many people go inside this church, but if you have the chance, find some time and go inside. Entrance is free. Take your time to see every part of this painting. You can also take pictures if mass isn’t going on.

Really great spot!

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Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 164a, Chisinau

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