Train Station  Chisinau

Image by Nicolai Chirnev

Train Station – Stalinist square

Chisinau main train station is definitely one of its must-see spots, but since it’s outside the historical center with no hotels around, it is quite often ignored by travelers. And that is a mistake.

When I guide tourists, I often try to create a route through the main train station. Usually, our guests are fascinated by how clean, quiet, big and luxurious Chisinau train station is. But I want you to have a look not just at the building itself, but at the area around the train station. There is a large square, right in front of the station, with a big fountain in the middle. If, for some reason, you are tired and looking for shade, this is the perfect place.

Take a look at the buildings that form this square. Most of them were constructed in the late 1940s by German prisoners. It’s the so-called ”Stalinist” architecture -the first period of Soviet architecture in Chisinau. Walk around the buildings, get in, look at the windows, the lamps, the stairs and many other still existing elements of that time.

The Soviet period has its dark side too, so take a look at the big monument dedicated to the victims of communism, those 40,000 Moldovans deported to Siberia in 1940 and 1949.

Right across the lines, is the flea market I wrote about in another article. So, if you have a few hours spare to walk around Chisinau – then Train Station Square is the best spot! 

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Strada Piața Gării, Chisinau

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24 hours daily
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