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Image by Nicolai Chirnev

Old Chisinau – The area of history

Do you know that Chisinau was chosen as the capital of Moldova quite recently, just about 200 years ago? Before that, it was an ordinary village whose geographical position was decisive in its becoming a capital. About 3 thousand people, small clay houses, a lot of fields and a big number of sheep, horses, and chicken — this is what Chisinau was about. 

Many years have passed since that time, and Chisinau drastically changed. There are some districts that make Chisinau a modern European capital, some parts that make it a typically grey soviet city, and some that made it a big settlement of the Russian Empire. Chisinau can be everything you consider it to be. 

But there is an area, so different from other areas, and I like it the most! It is the oldest part of Chisinau, where time didn’t change anything one bit. This area survived the Second World War just because no important buildings were there.

It is quiet, with hundreds of narrow streets, with small houses and a very relaxing atmosphere.

You can easily find this area between Alexandru cel Bun street and Albisoara Street. Most of the tour guides will never take you there because it has never been attractive, but if you really want to see the real Chisinau, and feel the authentic spirit of the old town – then you definitely have to check it out!

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Strada Moara Roșie, Chisinau

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