Garden of Remembrance Dublin

Image by Alina Ecke

Garden of Remembrance – Green spot

Dublin is a relatively small but very active and lively capital city. There is quite a lot of traffic and it is hard to find a quiet spot or a nice place to relax. However, I found one – right in the heart of Dublin! The Garden of Remembrance, located on top of O’Connell Street (North City Centre).

If you have a couple of minutes to take a breath after running through town, maybe visiting a couple of museums or galleries, the Garden of Remembrance is a good place to gather your thoughts, read a book while sitting on the bench (being on the grass is not permitted) if it’s not too cold, making a plan for the rest of your day or just enjoying the sunshine, which happens every now and then in all seasons in Dublin. I went there to relax after a long shopping day and discovered that some people had the same idea. In the mornings I discovered plenty of school groups from all over the world with their teachers.

For tourists or for locals, this place, which is dedicated to all who died for the Irish independenceĀ and there is a memorial with information, is a nice spot, and all the traffic from Dublin town seems to be so far away!

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Details about this spot



Parnell Square East, Dublin

Opening Times

Apr - Sep 08:30 - 18:00 daily | Oct - Mar 09:30 - 16:00 daily


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