Herbert Park Dublin

Image by Alina Ecke

Herbert Park – Little city paradise

Not as crowded as its brother – St. Stephen’s Green – Herbert Park is in my opinion an ideal city getaway, located only a 20-minute walk from the heart of town and popular among people who have a job nearby – for instance, me and my work mates are training there every now and then for a corporate tag rugby competition or taking part in a yoga session after work. This park is also great for a casual walk or a run, has tennis courts, cricket pitch, football fields, casual places for a family picnic and holds local events from time to time as well.

Herbert Park was officially opened to the public in 1907 and since then it’s been a great place to relax, very close to the busy life of Dublin city. I usually start my trip through it from the eastern entrance, right in front of the duck pond that also has swans swimming around. Do not think that the poor ducks are starving here, I made this mistake once in the past and saw how people bring so much bread along with them that the puffy creatures do not eat it anymore. It is a great walk, either during the week or on a weekend, especially if the weather is nice and cherry blossoms are blooming (this one was taken in April).

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Herbert Park, Dublin

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