Kalabasa Market Dublin

Image by Daiana Andreea Nagy Deac

Kalabasa Market – Multi-cultural food experience

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant to eat, a market to purchase exotic spices and interesting foods, a cocktail bar, or a live music experience, Kalabasa Market has it all (honestly, to this day it is still a mystery to me how many things this place is).

What makes this venue so interesting is the variety of food in terms of world cuisine, as well as the affordable prices. There are different stalls inside but they are all presented together in the same menu, so if you don’t know what to pick I would recommend a sharing mix, try it all! Last time I went, my order was a plate of pad thai (Thai cuisine), small pizza (Italian origins), a plate of nachos (Mexican cuisine), and cheesecake (Greek? American? Who knows, it’s delicious anyway). Oh, and two beers. No regrets.

The atmosphere is great, all the staff I interacted with were really nice and friendly, and the food to price ratio sweetens the deal. They also do live music sometimes and special deals (f.e. two cocktails from selection for 10€). So if you’re in town and you’re looking for a meal out on a tight budget this is a great place to stop for lunch and a beer.

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60-61 Middle Abbey St, North City, Dublin

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Opening Times

12:00 - 20:00 daily


Pizza: € 9.99


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