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Liberty Market – Authentic Dublin market

When you think of a Dublin City shopping experience, images of designer shops and huge retail giants come to mind. If this is what you’re looking for, the Liberty Market is definitely not where you want to go. This run-down but character-filled market is one of the longest running in Dublin and is situated in a very unique and colourful part of the city called The Liberties, hence the name. It prides itself on the great value you can find within its aged walls and the warm welcome you’ll receive from the locals running the stalls.

If you’re wondering what you can buy in the Liberty Market, the answer is – everything! They cater to all ages, from cradle to the grave quite literally, with baby clothing and graveside ornaments right next door to each other. You can get the finest knock off and imitation designer clothing, candles and ornaments, knickknacks of all shapes and sizes, books, cards and anything else you can imagine. The locals running the stalls are happy to help you find what you need or point you toward one of the neighboring stalls, so you always leave with full arms and an even fuller heart. It’s the people that give this market its sense of life and I love visiting as it’s an integral of the community.

Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of shopping in the Liberty Market and they’ll all say the same thing, it’s a true part of Dublin history.

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Liberty Market, Dublin

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