Mish.Mash Dublin

Image by Lucie Ryan Donnelly

Mish.Mash – Hidden gem cafe-gallery

Capel Street is fast becoming my favourite street in Dublin for sheer diversity, and Mish.Mash is just another reason to love it.

You’d almost miss it were it not for the sandwich-board outside, declaring “But first coffee!”, which draws your eye to the “don’t be afraid, walk in!” etched on a window-pane above. I like to be compliant in these situations.

Entering Mish.Mash feels like stepping into another dimension from the outside noise and hustle of the city. A tiny place with only a few tables, its name is extremely descriptive. Part hipster paradise, part gallery, there are also design elements here that wouldn’t look out of place in an antique shop (a hotch-potch of assorted furniture) or a children’s nursery (multi-coloured paper mobiles hang from the ceiling).

My favourite thing to eat here is muesli served with fruits, honey and milk. Sounds simple, but when all the elements arrive in delicate, mismatching china that looks like it all belonged to your grandmother, and your little jug of steamed milk warms the delicious bowl of freshly chopped fruit you’ve just heaped on top of your muesli, it feels like a special treat.

People at tables type away on laptops or scribble furiously in notebooks. Conversation around them is respectfully hushed. This place is a haven, a little escape. It serves you simple, good food as you work or unwind, and provides interesting, rotating artwork to look at on the walls. Step in and relax!

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Details about this spot



66 Capel Street, Dublin

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00, Sat - Sun 12:00 - 21:00


Muesli: € 5

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