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Laura Scala (1978)

About me
I’m a grown-up girl, but I feel like I am 27. I work in a theater company in Florence, I live with my boyfriend, Andrea, who is a kind of nerd… I like my sofa in which I can watch my favorite shows, I like visiting temporary markets, going to the cinema, finding secret places in my city.

Sometimes I don’t remember where I live, so I’m surprised to ride along Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio and I suddenly feel astonished and happy by all this beauty. My boyfriend says that I have a problem with my short-term memory, but I usually forget listening to him!

Why Florence
I wasn’t born in Florence: I chose it some years ago. It’ s a little town, it happens that when you go for a walk you find somebody you know or you go always to the same places. Otherwise, it also happens that a bar opens or that a historical place is reopened after a restoration and you see the city changing.

I like walking on one of the bridges when the sun goes down, walking around San Niccolò among the young artisans, drinking some wine in Piazza della Passera and chatting with a regular customer of the bar who tells you a story about a weird guy who lives next to him. I like walking in Giardino delle rose and sitting there with a beer, I like Forte Belvedere and its amazing temporary exhibitions. I like walking around piazza Santo Spirito during the morning and feeling like I was in the ’70s! I like Florence.

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