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Matilde Ceseri (1992)

About me
This is going to be “the penniless student point of view blog” I guess….

When you grow up in a touristic place like Florence, always full of “tourist-traps”, you learn how to move and walk around to avoid them; And helping everybody in doing so is one of the reasons I’m here writing this introduction.

I’m the classic Italian who can’t stand for less than high quality food, the classic Italian who can’t stand people eating or drinking their coffee “on the go” and the classic Florentine who would renounce each of the above for some good company and a few laughs.

I love art, and I love politics. My perfect night out consists of beer & music, when the beer is a stout, and the music is live and loud.

Why Florence?
In my mind I see Florence as an old lady; she loves her gardens and squares, she enjoys talking on churches’ stairs, she’s sarcastic and cynical, she has a dry sense of humour, she curses very easily; she has a simple taste and she can’t stand artificiality. And Florentines, are just like Florence: we have a simple taste and we can’t stand artificiality; you can always find someone sitting on a square bench talking, and by night you can see lots of young people chatting on S.Croce’s stairs. We don’t like politeness when it is not genuine, but we love to laugh and joke about each other!

I cherish the fact that everywhere you are, if you look up, you can always see green hills surrounding you, and if you want, you can jump on your moped and be there in 10 minutes! Florence is small and it’s easy to bump into people you know. It is more like a “big village” than a city, where everyone knows everyone, and I’m not bothered at all about that, I think it makes you feel less lonely and alienated than you might feel in big cities.

I love this place because it’s not easy to comprehend, even the streets are little labyrinths and every time you pass by a street you can notice something new; in the end, I think it’s this incomprehensibility (the fact that you will never be able to unveil Florence completely) that makes this city so interesting and so worthy of being loved.

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