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Image by Rahul Jha

ALIVE – 100% plant-based gastronomy

There are so many places that offer vegan food but it’s just a lousy and lazy attempt at offering easy-to-make meals such as burgers or wraps. This place is completely different!

To begin with, they offer nutritious meals with all their ingredients placed across the glass wall to be easily seen by the clients while the chefs go about making the food using exclusively locally sourced vegetables and grains. The ambience itself is fantastic, brightly lit with functional chairs and tables and friendly staff. Sometimes it may take long to place your order because of the queue – but only because it’s so good! My friends who are not vegan love coming to this place because their meals are so delicious, so it does not cater to the vegan community exclusively.

Tip: they also have a large space indoors in another room if you are can’t find a seat in the main dining area.

Like it or not, the west has contributed a lot to climate change through spoilt and entitled eating habits, which have led to industrialized animal farming and contributions to methane gas production. Therefore, I really appreciate places like Alive that challenge the notion that a gastronomical delight cannot be entirely plant-based.

Some of the food to try is the Brunch Menu on weekends or the Avocado toast. Try it today!

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Rue des Barques 2, Geneva

Telephone number


Opening Times

Tue - Fri 08:30 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 21:00


Typical meal: CHF 30


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