Walk by the Rhone Geneva

Image by Claire Hobden

Walk by the Rhone – Nature without leaving the city

One of Geneva’s great assets, as a small city, is its proximity to nature: on a clear day you can see the Mont Blanc, and within a 30 minute drive, you can be immersed in the woods, on a hike in the Alps, or strolling through vineyards. When even all that is too far away, the walk along the Rhône is a remarkable alternative, whatever the season.

Using public transport to get to the starting points, you can start this walk either from the right bank of the Rhône, or from Jonction on its left bank (check the Pointe de la Jonction article) – literally at the crossroads of the center of town – or from either side of Pont Butin. How far you go is up to you, and as long as you are by the river, it’s impossible to get lost. (A map of the walk and its various loops can found here, page 14.)

Along the way, you’ll see crested grebes, terns, and, my personal favorite, the stalky grey herons, all quietly bathing, nesting and feeding. Speaking of feeding, you’ll find a few human-oriented watering holes as well, at least in the early parts of the walk. Before long, you’ll have forgotten you left a city behind, however small it may be.

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Pont de Saint-Georges, Geneva

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