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About me
“Where are you going again this time?” my friends always ask me. Yes, I admit it: I get restless if I don’t move. Travelling is a way of being, exploring the world is my greatest passion. I am a victim of wanderlust, and I just love it.

Originally from Italy, I arrived in Geneva in 2003 to join the world of international organizations. Thanks to my job, I have traveled to small African villages, hidden valleys in the Himalayas, South American mountain tops, and Middle Eastern deserts. I have met people from all over the world and found out I can only thrive when I am part of an international environment.

I could not live without writing. I started imagining and putting stories on paper when I was six years old, and never stopped. So what do you do when you love discovering new places and writing stories about each one of them? You become a Spotter, of course.

Why Geneva
Let’s face it: when you’re Italian and you’re used to great food, good weather and warm people, living in Geneva for a long time can become a challenge. You can escape to the South as often as you can (which I admit I still do), but you can also try to find the hidden magic in your city.

As a lover of ethnic food, I am in heaven in Geneva. I have tried most ethnic restaurants in the city, from the glamorous ones to the small places nobody seems to know. Beyond its posh façade, Geneva has a hidden soul made of cozy little cafés, lovely bistrots and quaint boutiques where you’re always greeted with a smile. You just have to know where to look.

As I am part of the expat world, I really enjoy Geneva’s multiculturalism. I love speaking four languages in the course of one day and having friends from all over the world (the sad part is that they so often leave!). And of course, there’s the lake. It’s not the Mediterranean sea, but it’s still gorgeous. When I walk on the lakeshore and breathe the fresh morning air, looking at the Jet d’Eau in the distance, I feel lucky to be living in such a beautiful city. I am here to help you discover its beauty, too.

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