Il Monte Bianco Geneva

Image by Stefania Casappa

Il Monte Bianco – The best sandwiches in Geneva

When they told me that a little Italian shop right by Geneva’s train station makes the best sandwiches in town, I didn’t wait around. The following day I pushed Monte Bianco’s glass door open, said “buongiorno”, and had a look at the display of products. I then immediately knew I had come to the right place. 

I chose my bread, a deliciously long and thick baguette. I glanced at the vast array of cold cuts and picked my favorite: mortadella. Then I tested the lady behind the counter: what goes well with mortadella? She didn’t hesitate: grilled zucchini marinated in olive oil, fresh mushroom, fresh tomatoes, and green olive tapenade. Pecorino cheese if I wanted it. She cut the baguette in two, placed it in thin paper, and handed it to me.

I tasted it even before paying for it (that’s me, too curious for my own good.) And then tasted it again. A symphony of Italian flavors, images and memories flooded my mind. Yes, I thought. This is the best sandwich I’ve ever had in Geneva, by far. 

When I looked around, I realized sandwiches are not all that Monte Bianco offers. There are a few tables by the counter, and a room in the back, where one can try the three specials of the day (usually one risotto and two pasta dishes). And there are all the Italian products to buy – cheeses, pasta, rice, appetizers. 

Oh, Monte Bianco. You do make me feel as if I were home. 

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Rue Chaponnière 9, Geneva

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Mon - Fri 07:30 - 19:30


Risotto: CHF 20
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