Boreal Cafe Geneva

Image by Rahul Jha

Boreal Cafe – Best coffee in Geneva

I am surprised that no one had mentioned Boreal Cafe in the list of spots in Geneva already – if you have never been there, do yourself a favour and check out their coffee now. 

I love going there on weekends (and weekdays!) as this is my way of supporting local coffee culture instead of frequenting a larger corporation such as Starbucks. 

On a typical visit to this cafe, I will get a flat white or a cappuccino with oat milk. Although the baristas speak English, here is a tip: oat milk is called le lait avoine in French. They charge an extra CHF for an alternative milk – just so you know.

They know their coffee well and I like that they share the coffee culture knowledge through selling books, equipment onsite and also organizing workshops from time to time (In french called atelier) – once, I attended a workshop on coffee extraction at different temperatures. It was entirely in French, but a nice lady next to me (who was once a barista at the same coffee shop) translated in English and it was helpful. Check out their Facebook page to check whether they have such a workshop during your stay in Geneva. 

And an important last point – they source their coffee directly from the coffee farmers in South America (and Ethiopia I guess) – they have mentioned some of the stories on their Instagram profile; check Boreal’s Instagram

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Details about this spot



Rue du Mont-Blanc 17, Geneva

Opening Times

06:30 - 20:00 daily


Cup of coffee: CHF 5


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