Qafe Guidoline Geneva

Image by Rahul Jha

Qafe Guidoline – Hipster bar

Fancy a Club-Mate? (It’s a cool caffeinated nonalcoholic drink inspired by Yerba Mate from Argentina)  for 6 CHF? Or a draft beer for a cheaper Geneva price? This is your place!

This bar was one of the first bars in Geneva to start the trend of fancy hanging light bulbs in the center and it has quickly become a cool strategy for ambiance. It’s one of those rare bars which have not just great beers but also amazing coffee. They have finally listened to my repeated requests and have started stocking alternative milk to dairy and I recommend a cappuccino with oat milk. The cups they serve the coffee in just add to the taste.

They invite DJs on weekends and the genres mostly vary, but overall there’s great mix of music. The seating arrangements are nice and spacious, I have had many random conversations here. This bar has several loyal customers and many locals have this bar as their default go-to place for Friday nights.

The bartenders are quite friendly, though they might take some time to cater to your requests, since they have cash counter at 2 ends of the central bar square. But patience is a virtue and you will enjoy your beer further at the end of your wait when the bartender gets you your drink. They do have some nice cocktails too, although Geneva has some better bars specialized for cocktails. Oh and just a reminder: drink responsibly!

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Details about this spot



Rue des Pâquis 24, Geneva

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 08:00 - 00:00


Draft beer: CHF 6


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