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Image by Sebastiana Turra

Kraftwerk Bille – Where industry meets art

I do admit, at least at first glance, the area of Hammerbrook isn’t usually the first choice for a stop when visiting Hamburg. However, with its rural, industrial charm, the little river Bille running right through it, the affordable living and its great accessibility by public transportation, it surely is one of the most promising districts of the city. Several art and cultural collectives have already discovered the great potential and established some precious gems in Hammerbrook. One of the most interesting spots to visit is Kraftwerk Bille, one of Hamburg’s oldest power plants.

The beautiful red brick building consists of several halls and nestled stairways, with some parts still waiting to be fully restored. But with its urban industrial charm and a hint of wildness, it offers a beautiful setting for artistic projects. The soul of Kraftwerk Bille is the café Schaltzentrale (literally control room), which serves as a creative meeting point for anyone who is interested in the development of the district. Without a strict schedule, Kraftwerk Bille is a wonderful location for drama and music performances, art exhibitions, flea markets, photography or workshops — check their Facebook account for events!

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