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Joonas Kervinen (1974)

About me
I’m an enthusiastic funky music and urban culture lover who has been working on many fields, from journalism and concept design to copywriting, cultural production and the travel industry. Currently, I’m self-employed as a freelancer and a long-time member of the Funky Amigos family. Born in Espoo and having lived both in the northern outskirts of Helsinki as well as all the directions inside the city, I have basically spent my whole life in the metropolitan area of the capital and know the city more than well.

I have a strong background organizing dozens of diverse festivals, hundreds of concerts and numerous other cultural events, but also in guiding travelers who visit Helsinki. Because of this, I always know what’s hot and popping, as well as where the freshest new phenomena start here! I have also been actively involved in innovating and launching them myself throughout the years.

As a person, I’m easy-going, socially active and always interested in exploring new things and areas. Besides funky sound and urban culture, I love traveling, art, great food, artisan delicacies and football. I’m also a father of two, living in the multicultural eastside of Helsinki with my family.

Why Helsinki
As a vibrant, multicultural and hip city, Helsinki is the only place in Finland where I could basically think of living all year long. I just love the diversity of its culture and people as well as all the great opportunities it offers to spend time with. In Helsinki, it is very very rarely a day where you wouldn’t be able to find something inspiring and interesting to get into! That’s why I feel that Helsinki has something very similar to what Berlin has in Germany, just on a more human-sized scale and with the uniqueness of its own.

For me, the best and most valuable things are always “bubbling underneath”. This applies to Helsinki as well, because the most inspiring secrets can mostly be found outside the touristic highlights of the center. I’m always happy to shed a light on these whenever someone is interested!

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