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Zeynep from Istanbul

Istanbul weaves the old and the new, chaos and serenity, Europe and Asia, and re...

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Are you a fan of newly renovated old historical buildings? If so, this place is for you.

Tütün Deposu in Istanbul is an absolute gem for art enthusiasts and culture lovers. This place effortlessly welcomes history and modern creativity within the walls of the historic Tobacco Warehouse in the Tophane district. It’s fascinating to think that this warehouse stored tobacco until the 1950s, and now it’s a hub for cultural dialogue and artistic expression. Tütün Deposu means Tobacco Warehouse in Turkish.

The renovation from 2008 deserves applause, keeping the building’s unique character while turning it into an exhibition space. Tütün Deposu’s offerings include film screenings, workshops, and a diverse range of exhibitions. It serves as a hub for cooperation and collaboration among individuals in the cultural and academic fields. So stay hungry for surprises here and follow their Instagram account for the upcoming exhibitions.

Tütün Deposu is a non-commercial, flexible, and independent space that welcomes critical voices in Istanbul’s cultural landscape. It fosters an environment where ideas flow freely, experiences are shared, and collaborations are born. In a city known for its rich culture and arts scene, Tütün Deposu shines as a must-visit destination.

Whether you are interested in culture or are a dedicated art lover, be sure to add Tütün Deposu to your list when visiting Istanbul. It beautifully combines history with contemporary creativity, reflecting the vibrant spirit of this incredible city. By the way, you can also visit Frankestayn Bookstore; they’re pretty close.

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Zeynep from Istanbul

Zeynep Ozortac photo

Istanbul weaves the old and the new, chaos and serenity, Europe and Asia, and re...

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