Zakrzowek Krakow

Image by Grzegorz Ryzio

Zakrzowek – Quarry oasis in the city center

It took me a while to get out here because for some reason I thought it was very far and not that interesting, but boy was I wrong. The first time I made it here was in early Spring with a friend and we managed to walk around the water filled quarry and along the nearby cliffs. The turquoise water and steep drop made me feel like I was somewhere on the Adriatic Sea. Nearby there are cliffs where you can spot rock climbers or join them if you’d like, and if not make your way to the top of the cliff from the side of the quarry and enjoy the views of Krakow.

Closed for swimming, there are paths around the lake and hiking/biking trails in a nearby park. You can even take scuba diving lessons here as the water is 30 meters deep and the school has permission for diving. There are a number of items that have been sunk in the quarry including an old bus and there is a plaque commemorating the spot where John Paul II worked during World War II when the quarry was still functioning.

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Zakrzowek, Krakow

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