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Erik Lassche (1978)

About me
What started out as a 6-month internship at Unilever Portugal in 2001 has developed into a long-term relationship with Lisbon. And still going strong!

Although born and raised in the Netherlands, Portugal (and especially Lisbon) has become my second home. Lisbon was never a conscious choice, it just crossed my path. After several years of marketing ice creams and beer (not at the same time!), I am currently heading an interactive marketing agency here in Portugal.

When I was asked to join the Spotters of Lisbon I was doubly delighted. As a foreigner living abroad I really could recognize the value of a site like this one. And working in the field of digital marketing, I do not need to stress the power of the web.

I am fortunate enough to live in downtown Lisbon and I hope some of my enthusiasm of this beautiful city will rub off on you!

Good food is something I very much care about. Most of my spots are therefore about eating experiences, something of which there is no lack of in Lisbon. I would love to hear your thoughts on my posts, so feel free to “talk back”.

The Lisbon Sales Brochure:

  • Which other capital has the perfect climate, is never too hot in the summer and pleasant in the winter?
  • In which other European capital can you escape the confusion in only 30 minutes and eat fantastic seafood on a pristine beach?
  • Lisbon has all the comforts of a big European capital but it still is able to maintain its unique charm.
  • Here you can still wander around in small alleys, get a feel of the local sights and smells.
  • And the Portuguese. They are a lovely bunch. I even married one!

Check out the interview with me on the Spotted by Local’s blog

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