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Tjaša Janovljak (1979)

About me
My biggest passion is learning about the world, then capturing its moments with my photo camera and teaching others about that. I do this mostly as a writer of my blog and a contributor for a few other (online and offline) publications and as a tourist guide. My favourite tours in Ljubljana are the food tour, the wine tour and the Deadly tour, which at the end is not deadly at all, it is just a tour at Ljubljana cemetery. At the moment I am designing a tour called Ilovit, which I think will also be one of my favourite tours, because it takes visitors out of the medieval centre to the park Tivoli (the name!) and the so-called Flowery hill. Food and wine are always fun, but the last two mentioned walks are out of the usual and open up new views of our capital.

My photographs are mostly for articles, but I did publish a series of postcards, and lately, I am practicing a bit of art with hand pressing and thus re-making the photographs into unique prints.

Why Ljubljana?
I see Ljubljana as a charming little city, trying to have everything that other European capitals have. Still trying, that’s why Ljubljana is different.

What I really like about Ljubljana is that it is a biker-friendly and has quite a lot of green areas.

Another thing I love about this city is its alternative scene that emerged here which I think is quite a phenomenon for such a small place.

Where else can you find me online?

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