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Tjaša Janovljak (1979)

About me
On my mission to save the world I get carried away by many concerts and travels. Traveling for 2 hours or half a year, I’ve done both. One of my hobbies is photography which goes perfectly with other two hobbies.

I’m so busy with my hobbies that I haven’t decided yet what will be my career. Otherwise I am a geographer and sociologist so I’m perfectly aware of what is going on around me. Just sometimes it’s impossible to understand why!

For example, I don’t understand that somebody wouldn’t at least try to take care of environment or wouldn’t be nice to people around him/her. I especially don’t understand people whose best friend is money and people that don’t ever have fun.

Why Ljubljana?
I see Ljubljana as a charming little city, trying to have everything that other European capitals have. Still trying, that’s why Ljubljana is different.

What I really like about Ljubljana is that it is biker friendly and has quite a lot of green areas.

Another thing I love about this city is its alternative scene that emerged here which I think is quite a phenomenon for such a small place.

Where else can you find me online?

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